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Orthotics / Insoles

Orthotics are temporary or customised orthopaedic insoles that fit easily and securely within your footwear. Essentially these prescribed insoles can help to restore regular balance and pressure on muscles and joints, which can allow you, in many cases, to get on with things pain free, whether that be in your sport, in work or just in daily life.

Orthotics can assist with a wide range of biomechanical problems such as heel pain, shin splints, fallen arches, Plantar Fasciitis, knee pain, back pain and much more.

Everybody has different requirements and so we can prescribe various types of shell strength and flex of the insoles. This helps to ensure that the orthotic is perfectly suited to you and your needs. In some cases it will be necessary to tweak the insoles within the first 3 months of wearing to ensure that the prescription is correct and it is also important to note that orthotics are not guaranteed to correct all issues. In most cases they will resolve all of the issues but in some rare cases they will only lessen symptoms. Your clinician will advise you on realistic expectations for your individual presentation.

Image of Foot with an Orthotic
Image off our TOG scanning system
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