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A verruca is a wart found on the sole of the foot that has a circular cauliflower shape sometimes with black dots inside. They usually are slightly raised and have a hard edge and a softer centre. If you look closely at the verruca you will see that the striae (lines on the foot like a finger print) do not go over the surface of the wart but actually border the wart – this fact differentiates them from corns or calluses where the striae continue over the surface of the lump of dead skin.


A verruca can occur on its own or in a cluster which is referred to as mosaic warts.

Verrucae can be quite painful to walk on as they generally occur at pressure points on the sole of the foot. Some verrucae disappear of their own accord but the majority need treatment and most people don’t like to wait around to see if the verruca will disappear or not.

Image of a Verruca
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